What Will I Pay for New Gutters in Sandy and Salt Lake City?

Mar 17, 2022Blog, Costs, Gutters, Sandy and Salt Lake City

Homeowners in Sandy and Salt Lake City know the benefits of a home gutter system, but some homes still go without gutters and downspouts. Gutters not only provide a clean look to your home but also protect your house from significant damage.

Below, we’ll discuss installation costs for a Sandy and Salt Lake City gutter system, the benefits you’ll enjoy, and why you should consider hiring gutter professionals like Olympus Roofing in Sandy and Salt Lake City to do the installation for you.

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How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost in Sandy and Salt Lake City?

The cost of your new gutter system will vary depending on the type of gutter style and material that you choose, the size and location of your home, and various labor costs. Most homeowners in Sandy and Salt Lake City pay $4.70 to $10.40 per linear foot for a new gutter installation. In general, you can expect to pay roughly $280 to $3970 for a gutter replacement in Salt Lake City. 

What Are The Cost Factors Associated With Gutter Installation?

Installation costs for gutters and downspouts can vary depending on the below-cost factors. The biggest price variance will be based on the size of your home. Gutters are priced, in part, based on the linear feet required. If you have a home that is larger than average, you’ll naturally need longer gutters to span the perimeter, which will cost you more.

Another consideration when estimating the price of your project is the shape of your home. Long stretches of gutters are typically very simple to install and don’t take much cutting or custom sizing. On the other hand, bump-outs and additions to your home will create the need for custom fitting.

Finally, the material you choose will affect the price significantly. Most homeowners in Sandy and Salt Lake City have aluminum gutters and downspouts, which are a bit more costly than vinyl for the material but are easiest to install.

Should You Install Gutters In Sandy and Salt Lake City?

Gutters will move precipitation falling off your roof away from your foundation. If the soil around your foundation becomes saturated with runoff, it can cause various foundation problems, including cracks, leaks, floods, indoor mold growth, and moisture accumulation. Not to mention that the cost of foundation repair in Sandy and Salt Lake City can get as high as 10 times the cost of gutter installation by comparison. Flooding from severe precipitation can lead to erosion and leaking into your home if you don’t have a gutter system installed to help manage the water.

What Environmental Factors Affect Gutter Installation in Sandy and Salt Lake City?

Below are some environmental and climatic factors that make gutters even more beneficial in Sandy and Salt Lake City.


Unsurprisingly, rainfall is the most significant factor when it comes to deciding how crucial a gutter system is. Above-average rainfall is best managed and redirected away from your home with gutters and downspouts. The system will help ensure that your home doesn’t get flooded and that you don’t have standing water against your foundation.

Snow & Ice

In Sandy and Salt Lake City, residents have freezing temperatures and heavy snow is rare. Even so, the risk of snow and ice building up in your new gutter system cannot be ignored, as they can weigh down your gutters to the point of sagging or falling off of your home entirely. The risk of snow and ice accumulation will often help determine the best gutter material to install.

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Tree Coverage

When we install gutters on your home, we’ll need to consider how many trees you have on your property and their proximity to your house. Nearby trees can drop leaves, fruit, nuts, sticks, and other debris into your gutters, contributing to clogs. Although adding gutter covers and downspout drains to your system will increase the cost, we might recommend them if we expect your trees to be an issue in the future.

Why Should You Hire Olympus Roofing for Gutter Installation?

Gutter installation might look easy, but it’s quite complicated and nuanced. Our professionals have years of experience working in Sandy and Salt Lake City, so they can ensure your gutters are sloped properly, have few or no seams to reduce mid-line leaks, sagging, and blockages, and are drained to a safe portion of your property to eliminate damage to your home.

When you’re ready to see what our gutters can do for you, call Olympus Roofing today!