What is the Typical Cost of a New Metal Roof in Sandy and Salt Lake City?

Apr 15, 2024Blog, Costs, Metal Roofing, Sandy and Salt Lake City

When considering upgrading your home with a new metal roof in the heart of Utah, understanding the costs associated with such a significant investment is invaluable. Metal roofs, known for their durability and energy efficiency, have become increasingly popular in Salt Lake City. But what exactly can you expect to spend on this high-quality roofing option?

Roof Size Impacts the Cost of New Metal Roof Installation

In Salt Lake City, the installation of a new metal roof spans a broad price range, generally falling between $9,150 and $16,743. The cost per square, a unit measuring equal to 100 square feet, varies from $400 to $4,000, making the average expenditure for homeowners approximately $11,557. This variance in pricing reflects the influence of several critical factors, including material type, roof size, and installation complexities.

The extent of your roof plays a pivotal role in determining the total installation cost. Roof sizes are quantified in “squares,” with one square equivalent to 100 square feet. Accurate measurements by a professional, such as those provided by Olympus Roofing, are crucial for an exact estimate. However, the footprint of your home can offer a preliminary calculation and help you estimate the investment needed for your new metal roof.

Installation costs of your preferred Sandy and Salt Lake City roofing contractor may also impact your total cost.

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Specific Material Affects Cost


Ranging from $6.50 to $21 per square foot installed, aluminum offers a mid-range option in terms of cost, totaling about $11,050 to $35,700 for an average-sized roof.


Sitting at the higher end of the spectrum, copper can cost between $20 and $40 per square foot, equating to a steep $34,000 to $68,000 for a complete roof overhaul. 


Slightly more affordable, stainless steel costs between $7 and $20 per square foot, making it $11,900 to $34,000 for a typical installation.

Other Materials

Further options like corrugated metal and standing seam roofs present varying aesthetics and durability, affecting your final cost.

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Other Factors That Impact New Metal Roof Installation Costs in Salt Lake City

Roof Pitch

The slope or pitch of your roof not only affects the measurement and overall surface area but can also impact the installation cost due to increased labor and material needs.

Roof Height

Higher roofs require additional safety measures, potentially elevating the price. Similarly, multiple stories or architectural complexities can add to the final cost.

Roof Complexity

More complex roof designs with multiple levels, valleys, or features like skylights may lead to higher costs due to the intricate labor and additional materials required. 

New Installation or Replacement

Replacing an existing roof typically incurs extra expenses, including the removal and disposal of old materials. A new installation on bare framing can often save on these costs.

When considering a new metal roof, partnering with an experienced provider like Olympus Roofing in Salt Lake City ensures that you benefit from expertise and quality service tailored to your specific project.

If you’re ready to explore the benefits and options available for metal roofing in Salt Lake City, reach out to Olympus Roofing directly. Our team is here to help make your transition to a metal roof as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

The Pros and Cons of A New Metal Roof

We understand that the roof you choose for your home or business is an important decision. Below you’ll find some points to consider to inform your choice better.

Pros Of Metal Roofing

  • Durability: You can count on metal roofs to withstand the elements—including gusts of wind up to 140 miles per hour—and not corrode or crack thanks to rust-proof coatings.
  • Longevity: A properly installed metal roof will last as long as the house, with an expected lifespan of 40 to 70 years and, often. (By contrast, traditional asphalt roofing typically lasts 12 to 20 years.)
  • Sustainability: Metal roofs can be fully recycled at the end of their service life, with materials such as steel able to do so without losing strength or durability.

Cons Of Metal Roofing

  • Noisy: Unless sheathed or insulated, (which can add to the total cost of your roof) metal roofing can add increasing noise to your home, particularly during rain and thunderstorms.
  • Upfront Costs: Higher-end metal roofing materials can run over 10 times the cost of asphalt, and that’s not taking installation costs into account.

Have questions about whether or not a metal roof is right for your home? Are you ready to start your Sandy and Salt Lake City home’s new metal roof installation? Don’t delay, give Olympus Roofing a call today!