New Year, New Roof: How a Roof Replacement Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Jan 5, 2023Blog, Roof Replacement, Sandy and Salt Lake City

As the new year begins, we focus on things we would like to improve on. We consider our health, our relationships, and our future. “What steps can I take to better my life?” is a common question we ask. 

Instead of asking how to better my individual life, what about making life more enjoyable for my whole family? Perhaps it would be to spend more time together, take day trips, or just share experiences. 

What about the home you live in? What about updating the colors of the kid’s rooms? Is an updated kitchen in your future? What about your roof? Does your current roofing system hold up to your expectations? 

We typically don’t think much about the roof of our home until it fails us. We just assume it is doing its job! 

Is 2023 the year for a new roof? How does a new roof increase the value of your home? 

roof replacement, new roof, Sandy and Salt Lake City

First of all, we need to determine if it’s time to replace our current roofing system. Ask these questions:

  • Are there shingles missing or damaged? 
  • Do I see heavy growth of mold or mildew on the roof of my home? 
  • Is there evidence of water stains in the ceiling or attic?
  • Do I notice granules in my gutter system from shingles? 
  • Is my roof spongy in spots? 

These are all signs showing it is time for a new roof. If you are unsure if any of these are present, contact Olympus Roofing in Sandy and Salt Lake City for a free inspection. We have been servicing customers in the local area since 1973 and know what to look for when doing a proper inspection. We are honest truthful professionals with your best interest in mind. (You can read our relevant blog about this topic)

How can a new roof improve the value of my home?  

Curb Appeal

When the time comes to need a new roof, the options are endless with color and style. Whether you decide on a darker or lighter color roof, will give a noticeable impact on the appearance of your home. We can assist you with finding the right roof for the architectural design of your home. 

Protect the Air Quality

The roof is to keep the moisture out of your home and keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. However, when a roof is damaged, moisture can seep in, creating an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. The health of your family can be improved by proper insulation and keeping the moisture out. 

Energy Efficiency

New improvements in technology assist with energy savings. A new roof can seal up any damaged areas, and keep the temperatures comfortable. With adding proper insulation, a heating and cooling system will run less and extend the life of the HVAC unit. A new roof will bring about lower monthly bills allowing more money to be in your wallet each month. 

roof replacement, new roof, Sandy and Salt Lake City

Insurance Premiums

Check with your insurance agent to learn if a new roof will assist with lower insurance premiums. Most insurance companies offer limited or no coverage on roofs 20 years or older. It would be beneficial to learn about your particular policy and how a new roof can assist you. 

We, at Olympus Roofing, constantly strive to remain one of the top roofers Sandy and Salt Lake City residents rely on. We assist you from the beginning to the end of the roofing project, eliminating stress and worry. We have a team of experienced, skilled roofers backed by quality and safe practices. When it comes to your roof, we provide only the highest quality products. 

Schedule an appointment today so we can resolve your roofing concerns.