Sandy and Salt Lake City Aesthetic: Installing a Cedar Roof to Emphasize Local Style

Jun 7, 2023Blog, Cedar Roofing, Housing Trends, Sandy and Salt Lake City

Cedar is a wise option for roofing material in the Sandy and Salt Lake City area. Of course, a homeowner can remain with the standard and popular asphalt shingle roofing or metal roofing, but why be like everyone else? Cedar is filled with curb appeal that set your home apart from others on the block. Here are several reasons why cedar should be considered. 

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Thick and Durable

There are four different thicknesses, and therefore levels of durability when it comes to cedar roofing material.

  • Grade 1 (100% straight grain): This is the highest quality, guaranteed to be free of defects, and will create a long-lasting roof.
  • Grade 2 (Selects): Good quality product made from flat grain. Maybe some knots and blemishes but still eye-catching. Good to also use this for siding.
  • Grade 3 (Common): The budget option. More defects that Grade 2, therefore it is best to be used on sheds, or outbuildings.
  • Grade 4: Lowest quality of the four. It should only be used for the underlayer on the siding, and not for any exterior work.

Depending on the desired use of cedar, it will help to distinguish between the various grades. If you want to make a statement among other Sandy and Salt Lake City homes, consider a higher-quality grade cedar. If you want the look without the possible financial burden, consider a lesser grade. Speak with the professionals at Olympus Roofing to help determine which is best. 


The simply gorgeous look of a cedar roof is unmatched. Especially when the setting is right! A full yard of trees and nature can help set off the elegance of the home. Perhaps match the color and shade of cedar to nature and the nearby trees in your neighborhood. There are selections from light brown to dark rich, and deep, almost black colors. Again, share your vision with Olympus Roofing to learn more about color options and what would look best with your home and property. 


Cedar shingles are made of 100% recyclable material from the cedar trees of the American forests. Cedar shingles are created from the older trees, and a new cedar tree is planted in replacement. The forests continue to grow and mature, making this product appealing to the green-conscious homeowner. 

Natural Insulator

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Cedar shakes are an extremely effective natural insulator, with the unique cellular structure of the cedar providing superior insulation against cold and warm air. Not only that, but cedar shakes are naturally breathable, allowing heat to escape in the summer and reducing the cost of cooling a home. Cedar shakes also have the added benefit of protection from the sun’s UV rays, which can keep the energy costs associated with cooling a home down even further. 

Resistant to Mold, Termites, and Rot

Another excellent benefit of cedar is the resistance to these three items.  

  • Mold – Cedar does not absorb water which means no mold or fungus can grow on the surface. Cedar actually has been proven to remove moisture from the air, so in humid conditions, it will act as a natural dehumidifier. 
  • Termites – these pests are less inclined to munch on cedar in comparison to other woods. According to, cedar resins are toxic to termites. Even though the resin can diminish over time, termites find other types of wood more enjoyable.
  • Rot – Thick cedar that can withstand warping can be rot-resistant for up to 25 years. That is amazing considering it is used as a roofing material.

When considering cedar as a roofing material, keep these items in mind and further learn about cedar from Olympus Roofing. We are the cedar roofing specialists and look forward to learning more about your home and vision for a strong, durable, and quality roof. We have highly trained professionals, excellent customer service, and love to bring dreams to reality. Contact us today and let’s discuss more about cedar and what it can do for your Sandy and Salt Lake City home!